Freitag, 17. Februar 2006

Wroclaw Circuit WS05/06$734

The project deals with the subject of blurring the borders between building and landscape, between inside and outside.

The building is placed in the middle of the site, visually connecting the two symmetrical historical facades of the opera house and the city hall across the site. With the main entrance facing the city it creates a counterpart to the existing plaza. When approaching the concert hall from the city, the structure frames the centralized entrance hall and creates a scenery for the visitors.

The restaurant and café are facing the riverside and the existing promenade to take advantage of the atmosphere of the water surrounding and to be attractive not only for visitors but also for passers- by.

Another important issue is the process of entering the building, instead of a conventional border of entrance, visitors enter in trough a continuous process of diving in underneath it.

The structure itself consists of two parts: the landscape which leads to the central entrance and out of which the concerthalls (heads) emerge and the structurally articulated envelope (hats) which inhabits all the circulation.

While the landscape is smooth and solid, the envelope has a facetted appearence and gets delaminated at some parts.