Freitag, 7. März 2008


Asemic Scapes -Rehabilitation Center Rainberg

Calligraphy is adding an idea of creating variation through artistic expression to a technical matter of communication and is connected to ornamentation which generally uses natural motifs and often rules of natural growth.
The project developes an architecture that uses rules of natural growth and connects both growth and ornament, with a landscape environment, topologically and calligraphically.
The ornament creates a symbiotic relationship with the existing environment by framing existing topographic features and at the same time giving a feedback to the landscape by creating topographical irregularities.
In the landscape the ornament starts to organize the ground by subtle terracing and it creates paths that break the clear definition of an indoor – outdoor boundary by running through the building, widening up to create bigger platforms and shrinking back to paths when leaving the building again.
This ornamented landscape topography develops the roof structure transforming from a plan calligraphy into a complex volumetric condition of overlay and envelope.
Medical treatments have become more and more high tech and computised and human bodies are more reduced to repairable machines, there is a special need for rehabilitation facilities to satisfy the psychological aspects of a healing process.
The environment can fulfill this by integrating the power of subtle transitions and the blending of the landscape into the building to aid the patient’s recovery.