Montag, 2. Juli 2007

Augmented Ornamented Realities SS07

The focus of this project is to create optical effects and views. In the space station these effects can generate a confusing perception of the different horizons.
The main topic is the visual layering of framed views. Since in space there is a differentiation between the gravitational and the human horizon, views can create a kind of augmented reality where the observer's reality collides with the reality of the scene he watches since there is a horizonal change. Views that cut horizontal through the structure from a point that does not equal the center generate a sequencial view since the horizon within one view gradually changes.
The layers that would be like mountain contours layered behind each other (or layers of Rousseau's paintings) would generate a layered depth and behind these layers that would give the observer an artificial environment within perceiveable distance, the view opens up to the unfathomable vastness of outer space.